What are the Types and Benefits of Drainage Systems?

Drainage systems are important as it helps in keeping your home dry and free of any excess water. There are many types of drainage systems that assist in waterproofing your basement. And on the basis of your needs, different systems help in combating different issues. Water damage can be detrimental to the structural stability of your home and can result in toxic health effects if it is not taken care of.


Find a local drainage company in your nearby areas that can help in installing drainage systems to keep your home dry and water free. With no waterproofing, homes are prone to flood up easily which can cause damage to the structural stability of your home and promote the cultivation of mold which can cause asthma and fungal infections.

The most common and popular drainage system is called the French drain system. It can be installed inside or outside of your home. Interior French drain pipes are affordable and less invasive. But, they will not keep the water away from entering in the basement. It will only aid in removing the water that has made its way inside.

On the other hand, exterior French drain systems are costly but they help in preventing the water from entering the premises. These drainage systems are proven effective at waterproofing as they deliver their purpose to the exterior of the home rather than inside the premises.

Besides the French drainage system, the sump pump is another popular addition. It is installed in your basement, it solicits the water that has leaked in a sump basin and pumps it out of the house, towards a dry well or a storm drain typically. They can be used to join the French drain systems to improvise the efficiency of the drainage systems.


With no drainage systems, the houses are prone to damage or flood. No matter if drainage is installed inside or outside, it helps in keeping away the water damages and structural issues.

With no proper damage system, the basement is also prone to flooding which can lead to water damage to the area surrounded by it. If the mess isn’t taken care of, the mold will begin to cultivate which can cause asthma and fungal infections.

It is also detrimental to the structural stability of the house. Concrete cracks and crumble when subjected to water for a long time. Wood and drywall also rot away which later infest pests in your house. Installing a drainage system ensures that all of these issues are taken care of.