Privileged Account Management For Safer Access To Business Data!

Governing the IT security of the business data through management of identity and access is crucial. As majority of the operations and activities of fraud and threat internally happens though authorized logins, it is important to monitor, track, record and safeguard the misuse. By adding an extra layer of protection to the privileged accounts, the security is better installed.

Privileged account management stands crucial for IT security as it consists of a variety of verification procedures, authorizations, data access and monitoring. These accounts hold a lot of importance and therefore need added security!

Central governance of crucial data

Privilege accounts are central governance accounts responsible for creating new authorities, granting access and verifying the employee’s accesses. Internal frauds are subject to gaining access to these accounts which makes access of other accounts easier. Any lack in the monitoring of the privilege accounts leads to loss of trail and activities. Therefore there has to be added security for the central governance. This will not just assure compliance from the accounts that matter but also guarantee that there is no failure from the authority to grant access to employees who can be of unlikely nature.

Extended verifications and management

Privileged account management and solutions bring about a stronger security system for the access of information of the business. Through the help of extended verification and management rules on these accounts, the system can assure that when a change is made or any processes are carried out – there is a verification process for all. From multi-factor authentication to granting verification at each step of change, the extended verifications of IT security enables security of unauthorized activities through these accounts.

Complete overview of the activities

All the activities done by the authorized accounts on the business network needs to be reported to the security administrators for security scan. A daily report should be generated for scrutiny that ensures a complete overview of operating activities. This helps keep track of the logins made, processes carried out and track all the undue activities within 24 hours. A complete overview of the privilege account provides for greater IT security and compliance.

Special monitoring on allocation and access activities

Special screening of the verification process, authority created and access rights given should be done. As the authority to grant the access rights stands with the privilege accounts, it is crucial to monitor is the authority was granted on purpose or as a misuse. Special monitoring helps understand the activities on a deeper security level.

Enhanced security system on privileged accounts helps protect the business data better!